Viking Ice Council

Independent arena for knowledge sharing



Viking Supply Ships Ice Council is an international ice advisory board, established independently from Viking Supply Ships, with the objective of providing ice management and icebreaking advice based on the collective experience of its members. The Ice Council advises Viking Supply Ships and its clients on how to cope with challenging icy conditions and develop new methods for safe and efficient operations.

The leading international ice experts on this advisory board are from Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada, Germany and the United States and have been selected for their experience and operational excellence.

The goal is to share best practices and knowledge in respect of safe and efficient operations in the sensitive Arctic environment. The Viking Supply Ships Ice Council is funded by Transatlantic but taken over by Viking Supply Ships and is an independent body with its own agenda. 


Next meeting

We thank all delegates for a good Ice Council Meeting in Moscow June 8th 2017.

Next Ice Council Meeting will be announced here in the beginning of 2018


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Presentations from previous meetings are available here.

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The most recent programme can be found here.

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