Viking Ice Council 2017

Viking Ice Council Meeting 2017

The 12th Ice Council Meeting was accommodated at Lotte Hotel in Moscow.

The meeting was for the first time held in Moscow, but for the 3rd time in Russia as we have had meetings in Murmansk and St. Petersburg before. We were happy to host some 45 delegates this year whereof many coming from outside Russia.

One of the topics this year was running of shore operations center, and weather and ice support to Arctic campaigns. Examples from several operations clearly showed the importance of a well-functioning information and analysis tool available for the operational team and decision makers. We also got an insight into telecom infrastructure projects such as optical fiber laying operations in Arctic waters as well as Polar Code certification and training of crew in the Yachting industry and real survival tests in the Svalbard area.  Lastly we got the opportunity to learn from a station-keeping in ice project whereof the DP system on board an ice classed vessel was tested over a longer period under different ice drift conditions in the Bay of Bothnia.

Many thanks to all the participants and contributors. We hope to see all of you at next Ice Council Meeting. Time and place will be announced on the our website early 2018. For more information on Viking Ice Council please visit us.”


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